Pride, Politics, and Ice Cream

We left Independence and rolled to Oklahoma City. We went via the turnpike because it is the quickest way, even though I am not overly fond of paying tolls. I had asked around about a place to pitch a tent for the night, and had a friend offer to put us up.

Sunday we headed to the Pride Festival in Oklahoma City. We were marching in the parade later in the day, figured we’d get there early and check the festival out. It was extremely well attended, and parade floats were lined up for over a half mile. We were marching for a friend and gubernatorial candidate, Connie Johnson, who I believe can help reverse some of the problems in this state. The support was overwhelming, as was the volunteer turnout. I had 8-10 signups myself, and others had more.

One of the wonderful churches in OKC, The Church of the Open Arms, offered an ice cream social following the parade, which the kids enjoyed as a followup. It wasn’t too hot, but definitely enough to wear us down, and I was running back and forth handing out literature.

So this morning, it is back to business as usual, whatever that means. We will be at the Tahlequah parade on Friday with Connie, but not much, besides work, prior. If you are in Oklahoma, or will be, in 2018, I would encourage you to take a look at this splendid candidate!

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