Running on Empty

Yesterday was a marathon. I had started a 2 day project last week, but they asked me to wrap up and put on hold. They asked me to reschedule for Tuesday (yesterday), which gave me pause, as I knew I had a night time project pending. Still, I had hopes I could wrap it up and get to the night job, and you NEVER want these things reassigned, so I took it. I could not push it off to later because a third party vendor was moving software to her new computer, so it needed to be in place.

So I arose at 4 AM to make the 6 AM start. I had an hour’s drive to the second start, had a hard start time of 6:45. If you do not check in on time on these, you are not allowed onsite and can lose future assignments. As the afternoon wore on, my window was getting tighter and tighter. The second job was pretty certain to take me to 2 AM or beyond, and I was hoping  to grab a nap. I finally was able to wrap the first site at 4 PM, and headed to the second. A Google Maps snafu cost me another 20 minutes in course correction, and I finally arrived at the site with about 45 minutes until start. Fortunately there was a Sonic there, so I consoled myself with a half price cheeseburger, as I hadn’t had much to eat all day.

When I finally left the site, it was 4 AM — 24 hours later, 19 of that spent working, and 2 more hours on the road. I was exhausted to the point of barely being able to stand up, but had to start on my way home. I stopped in Catoosa at the Waffle House and had some coffee and a decent breakfast, but didn’t make it far before I had to pull off to a truckstop.

I slept for a few minutes, then awoke in sheer terror. For some reason, my mind was convinced that I was still on the road and had fallen asleep at the wheel, and it took several minutes to get back to a normal state of being. I grabbed about 20-30 minutes more of sleep, and was able to get home with only one more coffee stop.

This is another reason that the Justice Hoping Machine Project is so important. There are a declining number of free campsites, and if I can avoid spending money at a hotel, that is money that can be applied to more important things. Having a vehicle, such as a bus, greatly increases the options available to you.

But I am home, safe and sound, and searching for my next assignment. A week from Friday we head to OKC, then Okemah, then Santa Fe, and, it appears, back to Independence Kansas. And you can follow it all here!

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