I Still Believe in a Place Called Hope…

Hope sits today, waiting on a few things that will get her on the road.

What we need at this point: Freshwater, Graywater, and Blackwater tanks. A Propane heater and range top. The range top will cost about $100, including shipping, the tanks will probably set me back $500-600, and the heater should be less than $100. All of this to finish the conversion. We have the money for the remaining paint for coverup.

What we would like: a hitch and tow dolly to bring our car along. This isn’t a mere luxury. In some cities, such as Santa Fe, the streets are narrow and not conducive to bus travel. The tow dolly will allow us to use the car in and about town and provide better mileage, as well as being better for the environment. It will also allow me to not take my family with me on jobsites in a big honking school bus, which can create a poor professional image and cost me work (the alternative being parking near enough for bike travel, which might mean their hanging out in a commercial area for several hours at a time; again, not the image we wish to convey). So while the hitch and dolly are not essential, this is not a whimsical wish list item.

To get Hope on the road, it will un about $1000. For the hitch and tow dolly, add another $1500 to safely cover it. This is why we are hoping to hit the 10% goal of $2500.

There is much to do. And my genuine hope is that we can have it done in time for World Hunger Day on October 16, when some groups are planning a DC rally.

So if you can help with the project, you can find the link HERE.

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