Countdown to Okemah

So, we will make our annual pilgrimage to Okemah this Saturday. The forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms, but that is not anything unusual for this time of year. It will be an interesting test of the new tent, at least…and we will have a gazebo this year, which will keep us from being confined to the tent overly much.

We worked the river for cans, unfortunately the recyclers took a 4 day weekend, so we won’t be able to cash in until Wednesday. That means more money at once, of course, but it also means waiting.

We are debating selling our car because we need to get Hope on the road, and this is just one reason why. We can only carry a fraction of the supplies in our Freestyle that we can in the bus, and we may need to hit the road full time sooner than we thought. An awful lot is out of our control. So we are going to pick up some more primer soon and give it a good going over, but still have to finish the body change. Selling our car would do it.

If you can help, though, there will still be need beyond that. You can help by contributing to the Justice Hoping Machine Project. This will get us on the road quicker, and out to doing what we set out to do in the first place.

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