If I Had to Do It Over…

This is the point where I give fledgling advice to other fledgling artists. Because, really, we all have to help each other out.

It has been just over two months since the official release of my CD, an so far I’ve netted a decent amount of CD sales for the promotion I have been able to put in, several gigs booked, a lukewarm review that I will pass on sharing with you because, while it contains several very helpful points of constructive criticism that I can use going forward, and is an accurate review to my thinking, it does not contain the kinds of points that sell CDs, and many moments of anxiety that leave me thinking what did I just do?

The first thing I wold advise is square away your cover art beforehand. Know the layouts you will need and just how many pictures. For me I needed 5 total; 1 for the CD, front and back covers, and two inside. That was not what I had planned on. Nor were the specs for the artwork. I owe big thanks to a couple of friends for helping clear that up in a short time window. It is NOT, however, a scenario I wish to repeat.

The next thing I would advise is make sure you budget for adequate studio time. I feel that I should have prepared a bigger budget to give myself time to work through the fact that I had never been in a studio before. I like the finished project, but am well aware we could have done so much more had I given myself the time to do so. As I am already contemplating my next CD, this is something I am giving due consideration.

When you get your budget upfront, I would crowdfund. I didn’t, and I believe that was a mistake. Not only can you build buzz for the project, you can increase your chances of not having to do it on too short a budget.

There are more things I have learned and am learning. This is not easy, by a long shot. But I believe the above pointers can definitely help get you started right.

And hey, if you want to hear the CD, you can find it anywhere you buy great music. Look for “Tim Joad” in iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other great places that sell music!

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