Well, I’m Headed to a Place Called Ofuskee…

This has been a week of highs and lows. I did manage to get a paid assignment, and we pulled enough cans off the river to make it not a waste of time. Unfortunately, we had a couple of flats and in paying my daughter back for fronting the money so that I didn’t have to dip into savings, I invariably pulled from the wrong account and dipped into savings. Hate it when that happens.

We are prepacked for Okemah, will be doing the packing tonight and tomorrow morning when the cooler temps are more favorable. This involved buying a couple extra tie downs as we have more cargo to carry on the rooftop. I’m not keen on carrying it there, but we do have to get it from Point A to Point B the best way we know how.

I also had a Facebook friend point me to an RV water tank that is available at $25. I don’t know if it will still be available Saturday when we get there, but if it is, that will save us some coin. We also are discussing the blackwater tank and the hitch. The graywater tank is less urgent for me but required for the changeover. But I think it will be a little easier to improvise, unlike the freshwater tank which needs to meet certain standards to not poison us, or the blackwater tank, which needs to meet certain standards to not poison the environment.

The hitch is another matter. I talked to a couple of folks that believe I could have a cross bar fabricated that would be sturdy enough to tow, and I am going to take a closer look at the back side of the bumper. If worst comes to worst, we could likely have someone at the technical college fabricate a couple of brackets that would make it sturdy enough to tow anything. I may need to hit up some YouTube videos for the lights.

I do encourage each of you to help with the crowdfunding; while we are saving money everywhere we can, we are still a long way from fully funded. And I do have the deal going on between now and the 15th that if you make a donation, I will have a drawing among all who have donated; the winner gets to pick the color of the hood (really, the entire nose of the bus, since the hood is most of that).

So join in, and let’s move the needle on the Justice Hoping Machine Project! And I’ll see YOU in Okemah!

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