West Bound and Down

A few years ago, we were the first campers into Okemah. Given my penchant for early morning departures, that would have been a possibility this year, but I didn’t see a whole lot productive in getting there that early, and this year promises to be a busy year, volunteering during the day and working a labor booth at night. The labor booth probably won’t be a huge problem, as we aren’t selling anything, but still, it does commit me to the mainstage fairly late.

We got up this morning to load up for the trip. Because of the extended nature, we had to pack the cookstove, and, while writing this it occurred to me that we forgot to pack the propane tank. As the French say, merde!

We did get the car loaded down, and I covered up an open crate of cereal with a trash bag to protect against the rain, but didn’t cover up our gazebo, which is in a cardboard box, so now it is soaked to the gills and we’ll need to find another mode of conveyance for it. Double merde.

But here we are, packed and waiting for lunch, after which we will continue the voyage. We’re planning on heading to OKC tomorrow and maybe the Round Barn in Arcadia (or a Connie Johnson for Governor event; we’ll see whether I choose work or play).

If you’re heading to Okemah I will bee easy to spot. At the Brick during the day, the labor booth at night. I am not currently going to post up the crowdfunding, but encourage you to discuss it if you see me.

See you in Okemah!

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