The Santa Fe Trail

We just finished a very exhausting, yet decently successful, WoodyFest. Our festival started, as it often does, on Saturday night. I was able to get a little bit of picking in Saturday and Sunday, took off Monday for Enid, 3 miles away, and some work waiting there. Back into Enid, a smidge of picking, then off again Tuesday overnight, which lasted until 7 AM and involved a 3 hour drive back. So Wednesday night, I was tired, but back to sorts.

I was gifted a ticket to the Jimmy LaFave tribute, which I accepted. I am glad I did; it was beautifully done and a loving tribute from folks that knew Jimmy quite well. But it also meant going into the official festival sleep deprived, where I would stay through Sunday. Thursday meant selling CD’s at the Brick, which was repeated on Friday and Saturday. I was initially supposed to have other obligations on the main stage, but those fell through as I could not get anyone to assist me with the project, and could not donate anymore without leaving my family shorthanded.

This was one of the best festival lineups I have seen. The only question I have is why weren’t more people there? Top quality entertainment at a bargain price. Sure, the July heat may be a factor, but it didn’t stop them at one point, shouldn’t stop them now.

At any rate, those who missed it missed a great festival, and I hope to see some of you next year.

I had work in Fort Smith the following day, then in Spiro, Oklahoma, so we actually headed back through Okemah to do our laundry, which we had been unable to do through the week.

From there it was on to Enid, where my friend Romy Owen and her collaborator, Adam Lanman, were presenting their project, “Under Her Wings Was the Universe” for city funding.

What took place was honestly something out of Footloose.Ministers were decrying the project as a religious installation and an affront to their Christian faith, and even went so far as to call her a pagan and accuse her of trying to summon her deceased mother through the project. It was awful, and frankly why I am less and less enamored of the church these days. Because even the more moderate “evangelical” pastors are not decrying these hateful slanderers from the pulpit. Make no mistake, my faith is as it always is, but I don’t have to worship with people like this to be fulfilled.

We are now awaiting the sunrise in a WalMart parking lot; will be driving to Santa Fe tomorrow. I am hoping busking goes well, though because we do need the income.

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