Broke Down in Boulder

After the season in Santa Fe, after the other buskers had left, we headed to Boulder. It was a long drive through the middle of the state, involving two multiple mile backups as people were returning from Labor Day weekend. I had mulled stopping in Ludlow, but we took the route that was 80 miles shorter, which unfortunately took us significantly longer.

We arrived in time for me to do a single set of about an hour on Pearl Street, netting us a little money but not much., We had to find a hotel room, which do not come cheap in this area; dive motels were wanting $90 a night or more.

So the next morning we got up with the intention of finding a campground. We drove to the first one, then went to check out the second. Two miles up the 14% grade, the car overheated. We limped it down the mountain and to a garage where it is being looked at. At the very least, there is an obstruction in the coolant hoses. It could be much, much worse.

For those interested in our journey, we need mechanical repairs to get back to Tahlequah. We are still planning to journey to Tucson, we just may need to roll out a little early. You can help by contributing at THIS link

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