Keto or not Keto?

For those of you who have followed my progress on social media, one key has been the keto diet. I have completely eliminated processed sugar from my diet, and eat a negligible amount of carbs.

The concerns I had about keto are similar concerns I have heard about the healthfulness. In fact, it was an ANTI-keto meme that got me started down this journey. The meme suggested that people were ignoring scientific research that advises against high protein, low carb diets simply because of Google research. Not having a horse in the race, I decided to give it a try.

There are a good number of articles on keto diets, not surprisingly giving wholly conflicting information. But I needed answers, and the slow progress I had made earlier never netted enough forward momentum to maintain me on a healthy path.

I needed solid, peer reviewed research to back up the diet. So it wasn’t long before I found a link to NIH, which has published many studies, including the link found here (don’t worry; it opens in a new tab, so you can read it right away).

Promising. But what about blood pressure? For those who weren’t there, my blood pressure in February was a whopping 180/110, and it had literally been years since my diastolic (the bottom number) numbers had been below 100. In fact, the small dose of lisinopril I had received before had negligible effect. Again, the NIH to the rescue.

Now this is, of course, not medical advice. I can only tell you my experience. And there are certainly some considerations to be made, such as doing it right (for instance, no, I don’t eat a ton of bacon. In fact I don’t eat pork at all). In my case, I focus less on fatty foods and more on lean proteins, specifically affordable ones.

And I’m settling in to a new normal. From 292 pounds to 260 in less than 3 months; blood sugars reduced from an average of 250-300 to fasting blood sugars of 85-90; blood pressure rarely ventures far above 120/80. Of course, medicines and medical advice (this is key; PLEASE consult your doctor, not the Internet!) have aided in this, as well as exercise (I do 1.8 miles daily and now run .4 miles in that stretch), so it is, at best a COMPONENT of a healthy lifestyle, but I have done the exercise and the medicines before without near the results.

If you have questions, I would be happy to answer. You can find me on Facebook or email me at, and I will answer any questions you have. I will also be producing some videos, which I will embed here. They should not be a substitute for medical advice, but if you can achieve even a fraction of the results I have, I guarantee it will be worth it!

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