The Peaks and the Valleys

I’ve been feeling a bit puny the last couple of days. From what I’ve been reading, I simply need to make a few diet adjustments, and I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but coupled with a few days without walking, I felt a bit puny today. I still got the walk (and the run) in, but I had hopes of extending my running distance on May 15; it’s starting to appear more likely that I will hold at this distance until June 1 as initially planned. I am strongly considering a 5k on June 8; since it will be my first in many years, my only goal is to stay below my previously established (walking) time of 44:46. That should not be a tremendous task.

I weighed myself again. Despite the frustrating inconsistency of public health kiosks, I have enough measurements I can safely conclude that my weight is in the low 260’s. Blood pressure still very good at 121/81, and fasting blood sugar was 90 this morning, which is pretty much the norm these days. So those vitals, in particular, are good.

I’m hoping to get down to 250. For those looking to make their own progress against diabetes, I found this handy BMI calculator. Like weight, BMI can be misleading, but it’s a good start.

Meanwhile, if you are reading this, I am interested in your thoughts. More links? Recipes? Videos? What would be useful content on this page that would encourage you to recommend to a friend? I am interested, as I am hopeful my journey can help and inspire others. Feel free to contact me here or at with your input.

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