Leveling Up

Radical change can never happen while you are comfortable. That is an immutable truth I have learned time and time again.

I’ve explored different levels to up my fitness game through the years. I have in the past walked 4-6 miles a day, never achieving the results I have experienced this go around (but, in the case of last year, experiencing a fall that took me months to mount a complete recovery). This time, when I reached 3 laps (1.8) miles around the park, I decided to try a different approach.

And the results, so far have been promising. To put things in comparison for those who don’t know me well, here is a picture of me from 2 years ago with musician, poet an all around inspiration David Amram:

2017 Amram

Now, for a not quite perfect comparison, a picture of me taken this past weekend:

mini me

My stomach is flatter, my blood pressure and blood sugar are lower, and I am well on the way to healing.

The approach I took was to begin running a portion. The course is conveniently marked off in 1/10 mile increments, and so it was relatively easy. I started running 1/10, then mustered the courage to run 2/10, then 4/10.

The original plan was to level up to 6/10 on June 1. But I’ve been feeling brave, and wanted to go up over a week ago. I decided to hold off until the middle month, and to give myself a backup plan to scale back to 4/10 if needed.

Today I ran 6/10. over 1/2 mile, and 1/3 of the total distance. Not a huge leap in the big scheme of things, but one small step on my way to a goal of reaching the best health of my life.

As I headed into the coffeeshop, Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” was playing on the inhouse radio.

Thanks for the assist, Sir Reginald!

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