Not Getting Easier Yet.

SO we’re still down and waiting word from work from the tornado damage on Saturday (It was an EF-1, but it was a direct hit on the building). Yesterday we spent doing cleanup; today we’re in a holding pattern as bad weather is predicted, but the plan is to head out tomorrow and do more.

In the meantime, my daily routine remains unchanged. I rose up this morning and put in my 1.8 miles. For just over a week now, I’ve been running 1/3 of it, and unlike the previous increases, this one is not easy. Part of it is that I need to increase my caloric intake for the extra work. I’m not going to lie; I’m hesitant to do that until I am under 250, or Thursday’s Dr. visit, whichever comes first. I’m eager to begin scaling back medications, and I have to show consistent results to do that.

I gave myself an out when I added the extra 2/10 last week. I was originally planning on increasing on June 1; since I am ahead of schedule, I decided there would be no shame if I went back to the much more attainable 4/10.

I’ve given myself that option, but haven’t used it, yet, although I’ve fairly dragged myself across the last running section.

So now, the reward: one large steaming cup of black coffee, some awesome 80s/90s music on the playlist, and preparing to go take the off work opportunity to visit my friends’ new shop.

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