Beginning Phase 2

I have been a bit sidetracked over the past two weeks, as the tornado and its aftermath forced us out of our routine for awhile. I still kept up the exercise routine; in fact I already ramped it up slightly, as the walk from the hotel to the river was just under 3 miles, and, well, I never much enjoyed walking without there being a point to it.

I tried cycling out to the river and then walking, but that is an option better suited to when I have been at this a while longer. As I discovered, you use different muscles in cycling vs. walking/running, and my body was quick to remind me it isn’t yet ready for the transition.

So, coming back, I adjusted my walk in the park. I added a warmup lap and a cool down lap, bringing the total distance (according to Map My Walk’s app) 3.16 miles. Very close to 5k distance.

I benchmarked my time today, and it was just over 47 minutes. I’m still running 0.6 miles of the distance, but it is the slowest, ugliest run one could imagine. Still, it is running.

So I’ve decided it is time to transition. I’ve proven I can manage my blood pressure and blood sugar. My cholesterol and triglycerides have been heading in the right direction. I am finding on my morning routine, though, that while I am capable of running even more distance, I am gassed out by the final tenth off a mile. So I am reintroducing carbohydrates accordingly (and staying off of refined sugar.

I suppose I’m far enough into this to tell you that the goal is a half marathon in the fall. I do not just want to be conditioned for it, though; I want my initial time to be under 3 hours. That’s very doable; the concern is building up the stamina to maintain a slightly faster pace than my current pace for 13.1 miles.

Surprisingly (considering the years they have carried a heavier weight), my knees are holding up well. My back is, as expected, seeing bouts of pain that are likely attributed to carrying the weight differently (I have an old injury in my upper back.

While I am not, at 255 pounds, as trim as I hope to be, I am definitely at a weight where I can start exploring other possibilities. Harry Chapin once mused, “I guess our dreams have come and gone, you’re s’posed to dream when you are young”.

I’m out to disprove that!

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