The Hardest Mile

I intended to write yesterday. Butt, the best laid plans…

Anyway, on Tuesday, I was most of the way through work when I experienced a sudden, sharp pain in my shoulder. Because of my diabetes, because of my high blood pressure, I was taking no chances, as the pain was radiating down my arm.

It turned out to be a false alarm, but I did discover my blood sugar was a little low. I knew that day was coming, and am hoping for the time when I get to cut back my medications, or get off them entirely.

As a result, I gave myself an unplanned off day yesterday. Today, though, back at it.

I am trying to post my morning exercise routine of about 3 miles under 45 minutes. I know I can do it in a 5k setting, as you push yourself harder in a competitive environment. But could I do it in training?

I have been struggling towards the end of my routine with one of the running legs. I run the same 1/10th mile sections of laps 2,3, and 4 (lap 1 is warmup; I now run the first running leg of lap 5). I am changing up my eating routine and carefully reintroducing carbs (although I am putting refined sugars/refined flours on my “forever no no” list!). I have been hydrating during the walk/run, and today brought a protein bar with me, because I am not out of breath, only out of energy when I run it.

So I watched each lap. My splits were close, but not good enough (but something I ccan adjust going forward). I entered the final lap needing to finish in 7:20, so I knew I was going to have to run to even have a chance. I ran the first running leg as far as I could, about 150-200 feet past the 1/10 mile marker. And I determined if i had a chance at 45 minutes, I was going to run the final stretch.

As I was about 2/10 mile out, it became clear I could not make it. I figured, oh well, there is always next time. But I stopped and thought about my daughter’s running days, about how I always taught her to finish strong.

And so I ran across the finish. Now you must know my running gait somewhat resembles that of a wounded rhino. But I get credit for it nonetheless. I finished, running. With a time that represents my personal best on that trail, but not by enough to claim bragging rights.

But I WILL claim bragging rights for finishing strong. And for putting in 3/4 mile running today. Those I can claim.

Will I do it again tomorrow? No; you don’t race every day. But I will in about a week or so, because it really is the best way to measure progress. For now, though, going to soak and prepare for a regular routine tomorrow.

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