Moving Forward

I’ve put enough time in that I’ve stopped expecting people to motivate me. The only options are those who do it for profit, and I don’t have the budget for that.

One of the mistakes we make in life is that we make our failures private, and our successes public. I think we need a little less of both. Because, see, I lived a lot of my life believing I was the only one who felt the way I did, who had the same insecurities and failings.

The trick, I believe, is in HOW we talk about it. We can discuss our failures without, as a recently departed friend put it, “wallerin’ in yer slop”. They can and should be discussed in a way that keeps us moving forward.

One of my favorite kids’ movies is “Meet the Robinsons”. “Keep moving forward” was, apparently, Walt Disney’s mantra, and it is the theme of the movie. And it’s something we forget, and lose focus on too often.

Yesterday I had high blood pressure (138/107). That is out of character as of late, and it’s discouraging. But I had to think that less than 6 months ago, that was normal. I brought my walk time under 46 minutes today, running 0.75 miles out of the nearly 3 mile route, but I have to remember that only 2 months ago, I was struggling with running 3/10 of a mile over a 2 mile route. So it’s all relative.

So, even in moving forward, it is useful to look back, to remember what you’ve achieved. But it’s not helpful, or useful, to stay there.

I’m looking forward to the road ahead. But the last few months have told me it wont be easy.

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