For those following along at home, my goal is to run a half marathon this fall. I’m a long ways from it, but steadily making progress.

This means moving into #PhaseTWO. My blood sugar and blood pressure numbers are phenomenal; cholesterol and triglycerides are decent, and I am moving forward. But I am having to change my diets and move forward while I move onto this phase.

I no longer fear blood sugar swings because there isn’t enough to cause that. I’m feeling better and healthier in years. My gut no longer protrudes past my chest. And while running is still a chore, it isn’t pain that is bringing me down, but energy that I trust I will gain over time.

I have 20 ppoinds to go and my BMI will be under 30. No longer obese (although still overweight), and with the choice to do things that have long been inaccessible. I don’t want to give the reveal, but it’s going to be huge.

My half marathon goal is November 2, although I plan to enter some shorter event beforehand. Somewhere along the line, I hope someone notices the 49 year old diabetic who’s out there tearing up the courses. Because I may not run faster than you, but I’ve come further.

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