The Parts They Don’t Tell You About…

I like to joke that I’m in the “montage” phase of this journey. You know, the part in movies where they condense training in a long span down to a 3 minute montage, replete with inspiring soundtracks? Yeah, that part.

The thing is, in real life, that’s the hardest part. That’s where the real work gets done, and it is, in my opinion, why so many of the best laid plans get abandoned. Because it isn’t easy. In fact, it kind of stinks.

I woke up this morning with one of those “Sunday Morning Coming Down” sorts of headaches. I didn’t want to head out. But race day is coming up and so, I must. The thing about my story is there aren’t a lot of folks to tell it these days. I am not trying to settle for mediocrity; the goal is excellence.

So, I headed out. I put the first lap in and started on the second. I ran well past the marker on the first running leg. I could have run much further, but I pulled back, reminding myself it is about the big picture. I didn’t want to gas out on the later running legs.

It seems it was a wise choice (although it does encourage me with my first 5k forthcoming on July 6). I didn’t run extended distances on the other legs, and struggled a bit towards the middle. I’m working on adjusting my breathing, as lung capacity seems to be the main factor limiting me from running farther and faster.

I decided to run to the finish, without checking my time. When it was in sight I gave it everything I had and finished the 6 laps in a respectable (for me) 56:09. Still a long, long ways to go, and I’m not impressing anyone with those stats, unless they are properly comparing them with where I started the year.

I’ll get this done. It won’t be easy. And I’ll get it done on the parts you don’t see.

Incidentally, I am looking into a GoPro to start recording events. I am also looking into shirts and a branding campaign, hoping more folks will start  to take me seriously.

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