My Biggest Fears

I would like to share with you an event that still haunts me:

While I was finishing my degree, we would have IT competitions. I was in one, for PC Troubleshooting, where we had won the regional competition the year before. We worked in teams.

My partner was better at using command line, so I let him take the driver’s seat. He was sorting through the directories, and a line in the directory caught my eye. “Don’t stop him”, I figured, “he knows what he’s doing. I didn’t stop to consider that so did I.

We worked through the next 15 to 20 minutes. In the meantime, another team finished ahead of us. Shortly after, we circled back to the line in the code that I had seen earlier. That line, which I saw almost immediately, was the key to the whole thing.

We finished third. Had I trusted my instincts, we would have finished first, by a very large margin.

Right now, I am making the decision to return to independent contracting. I cannot continue the job I am doing anymore. As I reflect on it, though, I have always been happiest working for myself. And I’m surprisingly good at it. What I need to do is trust my instincts.

I’m going in this time with a battle plan. My work will not interfere with my workout. After hours will ALWAYS carry a premium, no exceptions. And travel rates are non negotiable.

So  I’m back on the road, sort of. But I have past experiences to guide me to future success. I will also resume work as a musician, so if you know of anyone…

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