The Emotions of the Journey

I want to take a moment here to unpack a lot of the emotions that I have been feeling lately. If you haven’t been here, you cannot understand it. I will try to unpack it as best I can.

When I worked (almost 20 years ago) managing group homes for developmentally disabled adults, we had a 68 year old client come to us. His mother had passed away, and she had been his sole caregiver his entire life. Because of the culture she had grown up in, he spent virtually no time in the community. When we would take him to the store, it was overwhelming. He was transfixed by the variety of products around him, and would often get distracted by the wonderment of it all.

I am starting to understand that feeling. When I began this journey, my hope was controlling my blood sugar, and in doing so, hopefully giving more to my family. To say that I have exceeded beyond my wildest dreams is a massive understatement.

Suddenly, dreams and ambitions that I long ago surrendered. Suddenly I am not embarrassed by my physical reflection. Suddenly I feel…well, unchained.

And I am only 2 months in on a 1 year journey. Five months removed from that day in February when I stopped and said, “no more!”

And when you cast it against the backdrop of the past two years, it becomes an even more incredible story. I was on the long path of giving up because I didn’t feel there was more to life to look forward to than I had already experienced.

As I tell people with the time to listen, this journey is not about the physical. It is about everything: mental, spiritual, the whole package. I frequently refer to the line from “Redemption Song”:

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind”.

And that is precisely what I am doing, in every way possible. As I look at the possibilities suddenly before my suddenly overwhelmed body, I am as overwhelmed as the older gentleman who had been shuttered off from society his entire life. I won’t discuss them publicly, yet, butt as I get nearer, you will know.

For now, as I am beginning to run regularly, I am working on a branding campaign. The goal is to have shirts made to help offset the costs of running, and because I want to help inspire others to reach the same heights.

For those reading along, thank you. And please share. Because I have something very important to share.

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