Breaking Through the Wall

Today was mid level tough. Not bad, per se, but the physical demands are definitely wearing on me. Fortunately, with the 5k 2 days out I am on sort of light duty. I walked the distance today (no running), will walk half the distance tomorrow. The movement is necessary for blood sugar management.

This is tough some days, and yes, it would be easy to surrender, but I want to share something with you that I learned when I was too young to appreciate it:

I was invited to go running with friends when I was about 20 or so. I started out, and because I was not conditioned, burned out pretty quickly. One of the things I have always appreciated about the running community is the “leave noone behind” commitment. It wasn’t long before a friend was beside me, offering some encouragement: “can you make it to that lamppost? Good; now let’s keep going till we hit that intersection. Got it? OK, let’s push it till we hit that parking lot”.

I realized much later it was about continually setting reachable goals. About being in the moment, and doing what you have to do to get through that moment and on to the next one. And you can learn a lot through that that applies to life.

I have used it myself recently. On my running legs, I’ve begin stretching it out another 100 or so feet. And on the very last lap, when I do not have to reserve any energy for the remainder of the distance, I pour everything I have in it. Because it is day to day, it is still technically optional, but nobody wants to head backwards.

I figure a fitness plan that works should center around pushing yourself to your personal limit, doing it multiple times a day, and then repeating each day. If, for instance, you can make it to the mailbox, do it every day. Then do it twice a day. Then do it three times a day. Eventually you will reach the end of the block. Stretch those goals consistently, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Break that wall, and pretty soon you will be breaking ceilings and exploring new possibilities.

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