The First Quarter

I started this journey on May 7. This chapter will end May 7, 2020.

Today marks the first quarter of a year. When I started in May, I was running 3/10 a mile out of 3 miles of walking. Today it is 3.6 miles of walking, with 1.3 of that being running. Tomorrow, who knows?

I’ve logged 1 5k, with a net time of 42:06, and in fewer than 60 hours, will notch my second of the year, en route to a half marathon in November. I will begin the training workouts for that Sunday.

I have more energy and flexibility than I have in years. I wear a 36 pants, and XL shirt. My blood pressure is amazing, and my blood sugar is consistent. Everything has happened at a rapid fire pace.

I have been at a bit of a plateau as I have increased my workouts. On most days I add 10 minutes on the exercise bike to my daily walk/run, as well as an assortment of weights. And I’m healthier than I have been in years.

The November half marathon will come very close to the half year mark. The OKC memorial run next year will be close to the year mark. With every step I am appreciating the new opportunities that are open to me because of the decision to take charge opf my health.

It feels good. And a little less scary over time. I am more confident in the me I’ve become.

Today I ordered a Whopper meal with no bun. I didn’t eat the fries (saved them for my wife), and honestly was interested to note that I didn’t even give them a second glance as they sat on the tray in front of me. The old diet is simply not appealing.

In about 2 weeks I will be seeing the doctor. A new set of labs, and hopefully a new medication list will follow. I’m ready to move forward, and eager to have the doctor see that as well.

Let’s see what this next quarter will bring!

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